• Huynh Bùi, Assistant Manager
    • Huynh Bùi
      Assistant Manager

    Huynh is a handsome Vietnamese fella, coming up from a low income family depending on government’s aid and picking blueberries as a young child coming to America from Vietnam. Never ceased to disappoint his parents growing up, hanging around with the wrong crowd. Huynh was employed in different industries ranging from fast food, restaurants, construction, and currently having a very successful agriculture business. After sitting at home for two years during the pandemic, he refused to be content and stagnant so he looked for a workplace that could challenge him personally. After six months of working at Streamline, he is now in management and is being prepped for an expansion in the Southern California Region.

  • Renny Margosian, Account Manager
    • Renny Margosian
      Account Manager

    Renny is originally from Los Angeles California. After graduating high school and college he tried a few different industries such as banking, restaurants, and retail but he really opened his eyes and saw there was never the growth opportunity in any of those industries. So he decided to continue with his passion which was basketball and opened a business to coach and mentor kids. Once he found the opportunity at Streamline Connections he decided it was best to keep his business and move it to the side, so he can reap the benefits of passive income and fully focus on the opportunity at Streamline Connections. Currently he is one of the fastest growing account managers Streamline has had and looking forward to continuing his growth.

  • Kota Hitt, Account Manager
    • Kota Hitt
      Account Manager

    Kota is a husband and father of two. He was born and raised on a farm in the Midwest, where he learned the value of hard work and discipline. After high school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps from 2010-2014, continuing a long family tradition of military service. After leaving the military, he ran a small music marketing company in Los Angeles until Covid hit. He plans to use this business as an opportunity to achieve his goals and help others to achieve theirs.

  • Anthony Bernal, Account Manager
    • Anthony Bernal
      Account Manager

    Anthony Bernal is a husband and father of 2 with a third on the way. Growing up in Los Angeles, he was an athlete and gamer in his younger years. He jumped straight into the workforce after high school. He developed a hard work ethic and leadership skills working 17 years in the transportation industry. After 17 years realizing that working at the same company for 17 years didn’t provide the growth nor work-life-balance he desired, he decided to leave. He is now an Accountant Manager taking the skills and knowledge gained in Streamline Connections to develop others to reach their fullest potential and manage themselves.

  • Jasmine Heard, Account Manager
    • Jasmine Heard
      Account Manager

    Jasmine Heard came from the ranges of Colorado where she spent most of her time gaining skills in the restaurant industry, and developing her talent as a wedding planner. She made the move to California in search of a career that secures the future for her and her son. Jasmine is an account manager and a valuable asset to the office. You’ll always catch her dancing, singing, and making others laugh with her awesome jokes.

  • George Leon, Account Manager
    • George Leon
      Account Manager

    George grew up in east LA. He’s worked in many industries ranging from Restaurant management , warehouse management, and as an EMT. He was dissatisfied with how the work life was in these other industries. He was looking for something that was more culture and growth oriented. Now, George is an account manager at Streamline Connections pushing for the professional and personal life he’s been wanting.